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David Blend Filters
Copyright 2002 by David Blend


David Blend asked us to host his plugin filters (for Windows) which were created with Filter Factory. The collection consist of 13 plugins. The three "Frosted Edger" plugins apply a vignette of varying radius and intensity. The three "Gradient Sky" plugins overlays the image with userdefined color gradient for enhancing the colors of photos. "Highlight Correction" darkens overly bright image areas. The two "Transparent Sky" plugins replace bright or dark image areas with transparency for making composite images. Finally, "B/W v Color Tiling" and "Contrast Checkers" generate tiling effects, "Zebra Stripe Frame" creates zebra stripe frames and "Alternating Even Bars" is a two color stripe maker.The white vignette filter and two of the gradient sky filters are the best ones in the collection and really recommended.

Frosted Edger - White
Zebra Stripe Frame
Gradient Sky - Compliment

The Plugins can be used with Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint and many other image editing applications which support Photoshop plugins.

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