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The latest version of this popular plug-in offers a universe of wild effects! As with all of The Plugin Site’s plug-ins, Plugin Galaxy 2 gives you full control over every aspect of the final effects. In this new version there are more than 160 esoteric effects to make your wildest creative urgings come to life.
Run wild with nature effects, cosmic scenes, text and frame effects and stack the results in layers before combining them with different blending modes. The Play and Jump buttons provide random application of effects for even more incredible results.

Plugsandpixels Magazine Issuse 15


A wide range of different types of modifications are available... The effects are highly tuneable and thousands of different variations can be generated... All of these options are supported by a detailed manual and set of tutorials... It is easy to use and while you may not have a use for all of the available options, it is certainly fantastic value for money.

Digital SLR User November 2009


... a great set of utilitarian plugins ... the filters range broadly in terms of effect and application ... Each filter in Plugin Galaxy uses basically the same simple, intuityive interface... This is a handy set of tools for Photoshop at a pretty reasonable price ($49.95) ... on the whole, the set is certainly worthy of a "buy" recommendation.

Creative Mac

This is a COOL plugin. It has tons of interesting effects to choose from. You'll love it. ... wide range of effects you can achieve with this wonderful product. I ... suggest that every Photoshop user needs it. It's easy to use. By far it is one of the best plugins to date for Photoshop.

The Internet Eye - June 2002


Do not pass up this Photoshop and AfterEffects all-in-one Plugins collection ... there are twenty of them, and each has a load of presets besides being infinitely customizable. If that weren’t enough, many of these beauties are also unique image effects not to be found anywhere else.

CRM Graphics and Animation News - July 2002


It seems Harald Heim ... has been quite busy cooking up some cool plug-ins! ... this is good stuff. Plugin Galaxy is indeed a universe of 20 plug-ins that support over 120 basic creative and practical effects (and potentially thousands when used in combination) ... The examples ... give an idea of the visual craziness you can experiment with. Spend some quality time exploring the Galaxy!

Canvangelist - Issue 09

Plugin Galaxy features a good collection of filters that enable users to cover about any need possible. Added to the filters that come with many of the host applications on which it runs, Galaxy can turn any of those programs into a studio within itself.

Web Develper's Virtual Library


A Fun And Creative Part Of The Image Effects Universe ... The selection of filters range from variations on traditional effects such as “Bluuur” and “Noiseee,” to the unusual, such as “Zoom” (which zooms in on portions of a photo) and “Coolorize” (which provides a unique set of color adjustment tools).

Shutterbug - October 2005


Plugin Galaxy is a set of 20 nicely designed filters. ... The interfaces for these filters are some of the nicest I have seen, this is a very fun filter collection to play with, and they also produce some very nice effects.


Set of 20 filters some which are pretty sharp. One of the strong points about this filter despite its' price is it comes with a real good manual to get you started producing over 120 different effects.

Cool Tools


Plugin Galaxy is a good-class collection of plugins, offers a great range of effects and is easy to use.

Grafika On-line Photoshop Magazine


Excellent value for money considering quality / quantity. A very good collection of useful tools suitable for everyday use.

Cybia Quick Reference Guide

Lots of very common and useful effects, done in a very efficient manner ... the interface manages to be both nice-looking and easy to use ... a definite must-buy.

Free Photoshop


Each plugin interface is fun and easy to use. As a matter of fact, it is downright addicting to play with. How did I ever get along without this tool? With Plugin Galaxy the possibilities are endless.

Internet EYE


Plugin Galaxy plugins feature many long sought after tools that are now available. A very high quality plugin, it has a very high potential of being used on a regular basis in creating image FX.

Steve's Desktop Photography

Some of the nicest dialog boxes available. All these filters are fast and stable in use. You get plenty of effects for your $49.95. "Galaxy filters really are out of this world!".


... provide an impressive pallette to both seasoned graphic design experts and those just getting started with PhotoShop.


If you are a newbie to the world of image editing, Plugin Galaxy is one of the first sets of plugins you should look into ... the overall breadth of quality and quantity make it a great deal. At $50 it's relatively inexpensive by comparison.


Plugin Galaxy is very easy to use. There are unlimited variations of the effects which can be applied to the image. This program is a wonderful tool for creating a variety of unusual and lovely effects.

Paintshop Pro User Group


I found this software to be REALLY COOL! ... Plugin Galaxy v10 software is easy to install on your hard drive and it?s very user-friendly. ... Whew, I mean there are a lot of filters that you can use to manipulate your images. ... It?s awesome! I think it?s worth a try at $49.95 ...

The First Coast Mac Newsletter


You can see that the plugins originate from a commercial package: The user interface is something worth looking at. ... The plug-ins achieve results that you almost don't need to retouch.

PC WELT 11/2000

Overall Impression: A nice set of plugins, very simple interfaces. Key Benefits: A variety of filters with some versatile effects; very stable; virtually no render time. Recommendation: Buy.

Digital Media Designer


This set of filters is a good value for money. You'll definitely find some unusual and fun filters.

BCUG Bytes 12/2000


We think this is proof enough that Plugin Galaxy ... is great value for money. If you need some crazy effects in your Photoshop life, this may be the thing.

Computer Arts Photoshop Special

This is a good selection of filters with plenty of scope for creating interesting and unusual effects. ... considering the price and sheer range of effects, Plugin Galaxy ... is very good value for money.

Computer Arts 12/2000

Plugin Galaxy has a wide range of effects. They have page curls, star fields, and ... great edge effects. Imagination is the only limitation here, but more so than anything, this plug-in really increases efficiency and saves time.

Design Newz


Plugin Galaxy will serve you with 21 individual filters, including an incredible amount of over 150 different effects. You will be sure to find something in there that you'll like! The dialog boxes are well designed and easy to use, plus they look pretty cool too. A very nice collection that you'll enjoy using over and over again.


I find this set of plugins very handy. They provide endless practical and creative effects for your images. ... This set is loaded with filters that come in very handy and the price is great. You could easily pay a lot more for a set like this that won't come close quality wise. This is another filter set I would highly recommend to all graphics enthusiasts. You have another winner here...

  Many funny, but also useful effects and a detailed manual - the collection is worth the price at any rate.

ComputerFOTO 9/99


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