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Mac Version 2.11 (April 2020)

  • The preview works again in Photoshop 2020 (Version 21.1.0 and higher)
  • No security warnings under macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • MacOS 10.6-10.8 is not supported anymore (to avoid installation problems under macOS Catalina)
  • Installation support for Photoshop Elements 2020

Mac Version 2.10 (November 2018)

  • The preview works again with Affinity Photo 1.6.7
  • Installation support for Photoshop Elements 2019
  • Support for the App Store versions of Photoshop Elements (Use the Install icon!)

Windows Version 3.11 (July 2018)

  • Right clicking on the preview now works correctly if the preview zoom is 200% or higher
  • Bug Fix: When using the Alpha Tool effects together with the blend slider or combo box, Plugin Galaxy previously crashed.

  • Installation:
    • Plugin Installer supports the Microsoft Store version of Photoshop Elements 2018
    • Plugin Installer works again under Windows XP
    • Support for HiDPI screens under Windows
    • Support for Windows 10 ARM64 systems

Mac Version 2.09c (November 2017)

  • Bug Fix: The presets were previously not installed. They are now included in the plugin itself. When running this version for the first time, they are copied to a new preset folder at /Users/<user name>/Library/Preferences/PhotoWiz/PluginGalaxy/Presets/ in case this folder does not already exist. All user-saved presets from the old preset folder at /Library/Application Support/PhotoWiz/PluginGalaxy/Presets/ are also copied to the new preset folder. If you previously modified included presets, you have to manually copy them from the old Presets folder to the new one.

Windows Version 3.10c (October 2017)

  • Scrolling the preview with a maximized window on a 4K screen now works fluently. It also works faster on Full HD screens.
  • Affinity Photo Fixes:
    • Bug Fix: No more crash when applying the plugin a second time to a 16-bit/channel image.
    • Bug Fix: When opening the maximized plugin window for the second time, the controls do not vanish anymore.
  • Plugin Installer:
    • Support for Paint Shop Pro 2018
    • Support for Corel Draw & Photo-Paint 2017
    • Fixed support for Corel Draw & Photo-Paint X5 and older
    • The Add Folder button now asks if you want to install the 64-bit versions of the plugins in the new folder. Previously the 32-bit plugins were automatically installed in the new folder.

Mac Version 2.09 (October 2017)

  • Installation support for Photoshop Elements 2018

MacOS X Version 2.09 (June 2017)

  • New installation:
    • Install, Uninstall and Manual icons
    • Installation support for Affinity Photo, GraphicConverter and Photoline via the new Install app
    • Installation support for the full version of Affinity Photo and the upcoming Photoshop Elements 16
    • Icons for drag and dropping the plugin to the plugin folders of various Photoshop and Photoshop Elements versions
    • No more problems with Gatekeeper
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes there was a crash when using a 16bit/channel image, maximized window and HiDPI setting (Retina screen)
  • Bug Fix: In Affinity Photo the preview is displayed correctly for RGB 16-bit, Grayscale 8-bit and Grayscale 16-bit images.
  • Bug Fix: When scrolling the preview in Affinity Photo, it is not displayed distorted anymore for RGB 8-bit images.
  • The ? button displays the pdf manual now

Version 3.10 for Windows (March 2017)

  • Images are now processed tile by tile which requires less memory and allows processing images that occupy more than 2 GB RAM. But tile processing is not used if one the following effects is applied: Bluuur, Feedback, Glass, Mirror, Noisee Painting / Mud / Anaglyph 3D, Synthesizer with active Warp check box, Warp with deactivated Shadow check box, Zoom, all Filter Factory effects with a src or rad expression.
  • Two new Affinity skins
  • Check boxes are better visible for some skins now
  • "The Plugin Site" sub menu does not appear at the top of the Filter menu anymore, because the leading space character was removed.
  • The item limit of the Group combo box was increased when using a skin.
  • Improved FFL file import
  • Bug Fix: Some effect settings were previously not correctly applied from actions. This was fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The Undo button is not displayed in Classic Mode anymore.
  • The PDF manual offers bookmarks

  • Installation:
    • Many duplicate Filter Factory effects were previously installed, which cluttered up the Group combo box. They are removed from the installation now.
    • Future versions will be able to install over the current version without uninstallation. Please uninstall any previous version to avoid superfluous files.
    • The installation does not allow selecting an installation folder anymore. You can only select the drive. This avoid double installations of plugins.
    • Only one uninstall option is added to the "Add/Remove Programs" section of the control panel for new minor versions of the same product.
    • New Uninstall item is added to Start menu which displays the Add/Remove Programs dialog

    • Plugin Installer:
      • Two new "Adobe Photoshop CC (All Versions)" items for installing plugins to a 32-bit or 64-bit plugin folder which is used by all existing and future versions of Photoshop CC. This way you do not need to install the plugin again after you installed a new version of Photoshop CC. Best uninstall the previous version to avoid duplicate plugins when using this new option.
      • Support for Affinity Photo (Please activate the "Allow Unknown plugins to be used" check box under Edit > Preferences > Photoshop Plugins in Affinity Photo to make it work.)
      • Support for IrfanView
      • Plugin Installer now correctly displays "Photoshop CC 2015.5" instead of "Photoshop CC 2016".
      • Clicking on a list item activates its check box now
      • Plugin Installer has all applications activated by default during installation.
      • The Install button now gets the focus when the dialog shows up.

MacOS X Version 2.08 (Installer Update) - June 2016

  • Support for installation in Photoshop Elements 14
  • Support for installation in Serif Affinity Photo. You may have to activate "Allow unknown plugins to be used" check box under Affinity Photo > Preferences > Photoshop Plugins in order to make the plugins appear on the Filter > Plugins sub menu.


Windows Version 3.09 (December 2015)

  • Support for HiDPI
    • The skins now use appropriate font and control sizes for high dpi settings.
    • The UI-Scaling-Preview-Cutoff problem in Photoshop CC 2014/2015 and Photoshop Elements 13/14 was fixed. However, the Soft Proof effect is not visible in the preview anymore if UI Scaling is active.
    • The positions of some control were readjusted for high dpi settings.
    • Larger cursors
  • Bug Fix: The Undo button is not displayed in Classic Mode anymore.
  • Improved installation:
    • Three less clicks are necessary, because the language, start menu and ready pages are not displayed anymore.
    • There are no separate Start menu folders added for different versions anymore. So better uninstall previous and demo versions before installing new/full versions.
    • Under Windows 8 & 10 there are even less icons with better names installed on the All Apps section of the Start menu to avoid clutter.
    • Please uninstall from the Control Panel as the uninstall icon is not added to the Start menu anymore.
    • Plugin Installer supports HiDPI


MacOS X Version 2.08 - October 2015

  • Requires OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Support for Retina displays and HiDPI under OS X 10.7 and higher
  • The Fit zoom option now uses zoom levels below 6% in order to fit very big images into the preview.


Version 3.01 for Windows - May 2014

  • 16 new blend modes: Linear Burn, Darker Color, Linear Dodge, Lighter Color, Soft Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Pin Light, Hard Mix, Divide, Hue, Saturation, Color, Luminosity, Overexposure and Hard Mood. The old Soft Light blend mode was renamed to "Soft Mood". The blend mode items are now rearranged as in Photoshop, but with 9 additonal blend modes.
  • New Undo button that restores the effect values that were set when you switched to the current effect. This feature was previously available by right clicking the Default button. There is now also a Undo item on the Reset button context menu.
  • New & Improved Effects:
    • 7 new presets
    • New Synthesizer > String Theory effect
    • New Bluuur > Full Min Blur effect
    • New Median option for the Full Max Blur effect
    • Some of the Bluuur effects render 10% faster
    • The Breakfast and Synthesizer effects have better default slider values.
  • Filter Factory Support:
    • Long slider names of Filter Factory effects are now cut off and do not overlap the preview anymore.
    • New "Fix FX" check box for Filter Factory effects. It activates a higher compatibility mode for making some effects (e.g. Mac's Remove White) work correctly, but it also slows down the rendering and may have adverse effects for other filters.
    • The "Real 16-bit" check box was renamed to "Full 16-bit"
    • Support for Filter Factoy .txt files with multi-line code
    • Bug Fix: The Blend feature now work for all Filter Factory effects.
    • Bug Fix: Some Filter Factory effects caused a crash in Paint Shop Pro X3 and older.
    • Bug Fix: Importing some .ffx files caused a crash.
    • Bug Fix: The default slider values were set to zero when importing .ffx files. Please reimport your .ffx files to fix it.
    • Bug Fix: Some .8bf files were not imported correctly.
    • Bug Fix: The number of imported filters is now displayed correctly.


Version 3 for Windows - May 2014

  • Renders up to twelve times faster by supporting multiple cores and hyperthreading. Some filters render only two (dual core), four (quad core) or six (hexa core) times faster.
  • Support for smart filtering and action recording
  • Filter Factory (FF) Support:
    • 245 Filter Factory effects in 16 groups are included (some of which have never been available before)
    • Import and use 3000+ FF filters that are freely available on the web. You can also import .ffx files from Filters Unlimited, which use Filter Factory functions only.
    • Plugin Galaxy renders the filter effect with a higher quality than any other Filter Factory engine by using bicubic interpolation and floating point precision.
    • Stack multiple FF filters as effect layers and save them as a preset
    • Apply the FF filters to 16-bit images and use them in 64-bit applications
    • Blend the effects with the original image according to 20 different blending modes and adjust their brightness.
    • The Constant Size check box ensures that the filters produce the same effect independent of the image size.
    • The installation offers an option to deactivate the installation of the 245 default Filter Factory effects. Only use it when you reinstall Plugin Galaxy and want to keep your imported Filter Factory collection as it is.
  • Higher Effect Quality:
    • 45% of all native Plugin Galaxy effects produce a much smoother result: The Breakfast, Edge Tool, Feedback, Grid & Glass, Synthesizer and Warp effect groups as well as the Alpha Tools > Linear and the three (Out)burst effects of the Bluuur group.
    • New Interpolation option on Prefs tab sheet for the Feedback, Grid & Glass and Warp effect groups. The default setting is "Bicubic". For a slightly less sharp but two times faster result choose "Bilinear". The "None" setting produces sharp but pixelated results (but still less pixelated than Plugin Galaxy 2).
    • No more line artifacts for the Shift, Feedback, Glass, Synthesizer and Warp effects
  • New & Improved Effects:
    • 9 new presets
    • New effects:
      • Noiseee > Anaglyph 3D effect
      • Edge Tool > Dotted effect
      • Bluuur > Outburst Shift (The old effect can still be activated with the Bubble check box.)
      • Two Page Curl effects were added
    • Improved effects:
      • Bluuur > Outburst Blur: Improved effect, preview cross and three new sliders. The old look can still be achieved with the Bubble check box.
      • Bluuur > Full Burst Blur: Improved effect, preview cross and new Quality slider. The old look can still be achieved with the Bubble check box.
      • Breakfast > Flower: No more vertical line artifact
      • Grid & Glass > Bubble Glass: No more vertical line artifact with activated Radiate or Angulate check box
      • Synthesizer > Flower Power, DNS and Chaos: No more vertical line artifact
      • Zoom: The Interpolate check box now uses the interpolation method specified on the Prefs tab sheet
    • The Coolorize effects have better default slider values, which make them more useful.
    • Bug Fix: The Web check box of the Grid effects now show a correct effect at less than 100% zoom.
    • Bug Fix: No more error message for Cubic, Trans and Swirl filters of Warp group and the Circle filter of the Alpha Tools group.
  • User Interface Enhancements:
    • Minimum dialog size is 800 x 600 pixel now. Standard title bar and tab controls are used now. No more control flashing at start up.
    • Preview zoom up to 3200% plus Fit and 100% zoom buttons
    • New Skin feature that imitates the user interface of Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and PaintShop Pro.
    • The Fast check box on the Prefs tab that deactivates interpolation during slider dragging, preview cross dragging and preview animation. This updates the preview faster and displays more frames per second.
    • Double clicking a slider label sets the default value of the slider
    • The last used filter of a certain group is selected again when switching back to the the group.
    • You can now switch between different effect layers from the arrow menu of the Effect tab sheet.
    • If an effect supports the preview cross, then a cross is added to the hand cursor.
    • The coordinates label below the preview is now available in all modes. Clicking on it display the menu. Previously it only worked when right clicking on it.
    • You can press the zero key to set the slider to zero in case the slider has the input focus.
    • Bug Fix: The Open button on the Preset tab sheet of Expert Mode appears again when switching back from Novice Mode.



MacOS X Version 2.02 - January 2013

  • Support for Photoshop Elements 11
  • Support for GraphicConverter 8.2 and higher


Version 2.01 for MacOS X - March 2011

  • New 64-bit version for Photoshop CS5
  • Only one version of Plugin Galaxy 2.01 is offered. This universal binary contains PowerPC 32-bit, Intel 32-bit and Intel 64-bit plugins. It works with Photoshop CS2-CS5 and Photoshop Elements 6-9. Not supported anymore are Photoshop 7/CS and Photoshop Elements 1-4. But we still provide version 2.0, which works with them as well as other old applications.
  • Support for images larger than 30,000 pixels in width or height. You need at least 6 GB RAM to process such images with Plugin Galaxy 64-bit. The Windows version does not support such large images yet.
  • Interactive Preview Cross: The preview now updates instantly when you hold down the right mouse button or the Ctrl key and drag. This is a more intuitive way of adjusting the preview cross.
  • Selections are shown in the preview. This means that the effect is not applied to pixels outside the selection.
  • 23 new preset including 16 kaleidoscope effects
  • Dialog changes:
    • New maximize and exit buttons on the title bar.
    • The "Auto Preview" check box was renamed to "Preview".
    • If the zoom ratio is set to "Fit" and you maximize the window, then the image in the preview is also zoomed.
    • The preview background received the same color as the window background
  • The demo version renders less opaque watermarks faster to the image.


Version 2.01 for Windows (Installer Update) - January 2011

  • Combined 32-bit/64-bit installation
  • Plugin Installer displays less options during installation and offers enhanced 64-bit detection.
  • Bug Fix: Deinstalling the demo version after the full version was already installed, causes no problems for the full version anymore.
  • All files are now installed in the "The Plugin Site" sub folder of the Program Files folder by default. Additionally "The Plugin Site" sub menu of the Start menu is now used for installation items.
  • Support for silent installation: If you run the installer with the /silent or /verysilent command line parameter, the installation will run automatically and require no click. Plugin Installer will then automatically install the plugin in every supported application that it can find.


Version 2.01 for Windows - July 2010

  • 64-bit version that can be used with the 64-bit version of Photoshop CS4/CS5 and Photoline.
  • Renders up to 4 times faster than Version 2.0 depending on the used effect and setting. The Bluuur, Edge Tool and Fusion effects benefit the most. Many effects are 1.5 to 2 times faster.
  • Interactive Preview Cross: The preview now updates instantly when you hold down the right mouse button and drag. This is a more intuitive way of adjusting the preview cross. To center the cross you can now hold down the Ctrl key and right click on the preview.
  • Selections are shown in the preview. This means that the effect is not applied to pixels outside the selection.
  • 23 new preset including 16 kaleidoscope effects
  • To avoids write permission conflicts the .ini and preset files are now saved in the application data folder at
    2000/XP: c:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\ThePluginSite\PluginGalaxy2\
    Vista/7: c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\ThePluginSite\PluginGalaxy2\
    Please move your own presets to the presets sub folder at this new location to make them appear on the Presets tab sheet in Plugin Galaxy.
  • Dialog Changes:
    • New maximize and exit buttons on the title bar. When maximizing the window the task bar is respected. When clicking the maximize button again the normal window size correctly is restored. Double clicking the titlebar logo does not maximize the window anymore.
    • Visual styles are now automatically used. The Prefs > DialogTheme check box was removed.
    • A size grip was added in the bottom right corner
    • The list boxes received a white background
    • Under Vista and 7 the height of the sliders is slightly larger to avoid cuting off the arrows buttons.
  • The rendering time is measured more accurately.
  • The demo version renders less opaque watermarks faster to the image.
  • Plugin Installer supports more applications, e.g. Sagelight and Fireworks CS2 to CS5, and displays less options during installation.


Version 2.0 for MacOS X - July 2009

  • The Mac version is based on the Windows Version 2.0. See the Windows notes below...
  • There is a universal binary version, which run natively on Intel-Mac. This means an additional decrease in rendering time.
  • Bug Fix: The Cryptology-Color filter correctly decrypts the image when applying it a second time (unlike the Windows version).


Version 2.0 for Windows (Installer Update) - January 2009

  • The plugin itself was not updated, so it is still Version 2.0
  • New multilingual installer that supports 38 languages.
  • Plugin Installer is now also available in German and it support many more applications as well as several localized versions of Photoshop
  • The PDF Manual was updated with a missing page
  • Two new presets were added


Version 2.0 for Windows - October 2007

    • New installer that works under Windows Vista
    • Up to 450% larger dialog that can be enlarged to full screen.
    • All 21 plugins have been combined to one plugin which saves a lot of time when switching between effects. The effects of the previous plugins are selectable from the Group and FX combo boxes.
    • 10 new effects were added and many effects have new features.
    • New Animation feature (known from Harrys Filters 3) for displaying animations with random slider values.
    • New Layers feature for applying multiple effects without leaving the plugin dialog
    • Renders two times faster than Version 1.x in average.
    • Support for 16bit images and greyscale images
    • Options for saving and opening preset files and 400 included presets.
    • You can now use Plugin Galaxy for batch processing with the new Cloak Mode.
    • New Blending mode feature which lets you blend the effect with the original image according to 20 different blending modes.
    • A new Brightness slider is now available for each effect.
    • Enhanced support for image layers with transparent areas. Many filters of Version 1.x added unwanted white areas in this case.
    • The preview now works correctly for selections. Previous versions showed the effect applied to whole image in the preview, which was not what you got after pressing OK.
    • A Help box that displays descriptions of each control when you move the cursor over it.
    • You can activate the XP or Vista theme for the plugin dialog on the Prefs tab sheet.
    • If the new Constant Size check box is activated, all effects now produce the same result if you apply them to different image sizes. In previous versions several effects produced a different result when applying them to different image sizes.
    • Each filters has its own settings by default. You can also have the same settings for each filter group with the "Settings per Group" check box from the Prefs tab sheet.
    • Dragging sliders now immediatelly updates the preview by default. You can deactivate this feaure with the "Instant Preview" check box from the Prefs tab sheet.
    • Calculation time for the preview and full image is displayed in the progress bar area.
    • The Filtering check box was renamed to "Auto Preview".

    Alpha Tool:
    • Now supports image layers with transparent areas. In previous versions ugly white areas appeared.
    • The Angle effect now has a Rotate check box.

    • The Eggs, Butter and Wall effects are rendered with a higher quality. The quality of the other effects is improved only slightly.

    • Second slider for more effect variations. As a result the following effects were combined:
      • Radial Shift, Zoom Shift and LSD Shift were comined to Outburst Shift
      • Vertical Blur, Horizontal Blur and Square Blur were combined to Cross Blur
    • 8 new effects: Min Shift, Motion Shift, Max Blur, Min Blur, Motion Blur, Full Blur, Full Burst Blur, Full Max Blur
    • Slider range has been extended from 32 to 64, 128 or 255 pixels (depending on the effect) to allows stronger blur effects
    • Preview calculation at less than 100% zoom is several times faster.
    • Outburst Blur is applied four times faster, Full Blur and Cross Blur render several times faster.
    • Some effects (Cross Shift, Motion Shift, Outburst Shift, Cross Blur and Full Blur) now supports image layers with transparent areas.

    • There is a new Adjust filter for brightness and contrast adjustments.
    • The Twilight and Fade effects have a preview cross now for better adjustments.

    Edge Tool:
    • New Splash Edge effect
    • New Smooth slider for creating smooth edge borders.
    • New Alpha check box for making the area behind the curl transparent for images on a layer. (In Version 1.5 this was done automatically, so you were not able to deactivate it.)
    • Second color box for creating colored edges (with the help of the Smooth slider).
    • Activating the Circle check box does not enlarge the edge shape anymore. As a result you do not need to readjust the edge size everytime you activate or deactivate the Circle check box.
    • The Width and Height sliders work with the same unit now. As a result the horizontal and vertical frame elements will have the same size for rectangular images if Width and Height have the same slider value.
    • With the new Prefs > Constant Size check box activated, the Edge Tool effects look the same when applied to images of different size.

    • All Feedback effects are rendered three times faster.
    • Soften check box for softening the output.
    • Now supports image layers with transparent areas. In previous versions ugly white areas appeared.

    • The effect of the previous Pop Art plugin was added to the Fusion group.
    • New Frequency slider for more effect variations.
    • The Diffuse effect now also works for the Pop Art filter.

    Glass & Grid:
    • The Glass filters now supports image layers with transparent areas. In previous versions ugly white areas appeared.
    • With the new Prefs > Constant Size check box activated, the Glass effects look the same when applied to images of different size.

    • Bug Fix: The Overall slider of the Star effect sometimes cut off a part of the start. This was fixed.

    • Now supports image layers with transparent areas. In previous versions ugly white areas appeared.

    • The Noisy Painting and Mud filters now supports image layers with transparent areas. In previous versions ugly white areas appeared.

    Page Curl:
    • Bug Fix: The curl now renders correctly on images larger than 1024x768 pixel.
    • New Alpha check box for making the area behind the curl transparent for images on a layer. (In Version 1.5 this was done automatically, so you were not able to deactivate it.)

    • The Invert slider was renamed to "Shift".

    • The value range of the Warp slider was inverted.
    • The Warp effect now supports image layers with transparent areas. In previous versions ugly white areas appeared.

    • Now supports image layers with transparent areas. In previous versions ugly white areas appeared.

    • New Alpha check box for making the outside area transparent for images on a layer. (In Version 1.5 this was done automatically, so you were not able to deactivate it.)



Version 1.50 for MacOS 9 and MacOS X - April 2003

    See Windows Version...


Version 1.50 for Windows - April 2002


    • 18 new filter effects and a new Page Curl plugin
    • Many of the old effects were improved
    • Small Fixes: Preview coordinates can now be set without having to activating the Radiate and Angulate checkboxes at first (except for the Glass plugin); The big-slider-knob-problem that occured for some of the plugins was fixed


    • Alpha Tool: If no alpha channel is present, the alpha mask is used to darken or colorize the image
    • Bluuur: Radial Shift, Zoom Shift, LSD Shift, Radial Blur, Zoom Blur and Outburst Blur work two times faster; At low slider values the blur effect is calculated correctly now; The preview calculation isn't interrupted after a few seconds.
    • Breakfast: new filters called "Butterfly", "Plate" and "Wall"; The Intensity slider has been renamed to "Zoom"; The Zoom slider has been renamed to "Complexity"
    • Coolorize: new filter called "RGB Saturation"
    • Cryptology: new filters called "Erode En/Decryption" and "Cross En/Decryption"
    • Edge Tool: 4 new effects: Cave Edge, Jungle Edge, Curved Edge; The Peaks Edge effect was replaced with the "Cutline Edge" effect; The edge can now be positioned anywhere on the image with a preview cross
    • Feedback: new "Quad Feedback" and "Tunnel Feedback" filters; The effects are calculated up to two times faster
    • Fusion: new "Diffuse", "Overlay" and "Expose" check boxes; The "Fusion" slider has been renamed to "Diffuse" and influences the new Diffuse effect, too
    • Glass: New "Rippled" effect
    • Noisee: New Overlay check box
    • PopArt: New Overlay check box
    • Rainbow: Overlay and Expose check boxes (instead of Positive and Negative) for better color effects
    • Star: new "Star Field" effect; Changing the color of the star(s) without affecting the background is possible now; Alpha check box now displays a black background if no alpha channel is available; the value range of the first four sliders has changed a bit; the Glow check box was renamed to Mutate and the Colorize check box was renamed to "Nova".
    • Synthesizer: new Blend and Warp features; two new filters called "Space Worm" and "Dragons Tail"
    • Warp 1/2: improved Shadow effect


Version 1.02 for Macintosh - June 2001

  • The plugin dialogs have been improved, new sliders types were added and the text box behaviour corrected.
  • The Bluuur plugin preview calculation time was extended and the slider range has been extended from 16 to 32 pixels.
  • Compatibility with Fireworks has been improved, although it isn't perfect yet.
  • If there's not enough memory, you will now get a detailed message about solving the problem.


Version 1.01 for Macintosh - November 2000

  • Works and doesn't crash anymore even if you didn't allocate enough memory.
  • Furthermore it is now compatible with Photoshop 4, 5 and 6, Illustrator, ImageReady, PageMaker, Photoline 32, Canvas and Color It!. It should work with other image applications, too. There are two problems when running Plugin Galaxy 1.01 in Fireworks 3, but generally it can be used with Fireworks.


Version 1.0 for Macintosh - June 2000
  • Initial Macintosh Release


Version 1.0 for Windows - July 1999

  • Initial Windows Release

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