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... Plugin Commander ... seems like the perfect plugin utlity. You can organize, batch edit, activate, and convert all the plugins you use from Adobe Photoshop, to Jasc Paintshop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects. And if you use these types of graphics programs you probably have wondered how long it would take til someone would get some kind of utility going that would do just this.


Plugin Commander Pro is a great program for organizing, converting, creating, archiving and applying one's filters. It enables the use, through conversion, of filters (including those which you create) in different programs . It also enables one to use the filters on images within the program itself including batch applications of the filters to images.

Paintshop Pro Users Group


Plugin Commander offers unique conversion capabilities, which should be nice for those with more than one platform and graphics application ... Plugin Commander is a nice companion to your sophisticated editing application. You'll get the most out of all your plug-ins without drowning in them ... Plugin Commander receives five smileys.

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Dealing with all the various plugins for different programs can become a real hassle. ... All these common problems can be solved quickly and easily with the help of Plugin Commander.


Quite fast in use and pretty stable too. At $49.95 this is a bargain! Probably the ultimate utility for filter lovers!

What else needs to be said? ... It couldn't be easier to use. So start finding room on that hard drive for the 1,000's of free filters you'll be getting.

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Plugin Commander Pro is a valuable tool to have in your image editing arsenal and a very inexpensive tool. It really is a cool application!

The Internet Eye

Top rating for The Light Edition of Plugin Commander.


Plugin Commander Pro is a combination of a number of interesting features including file management and modification of plug-ins to give many desirable effects. The program will be useful to those who wish to go beyond the existing photo manipulation to achieve results for a variety of artistic effects.

Tucson Computer Society

This updated version, 1.50 of Plugin Commander Pro is much more powerful and easier to use than the previous version. It is a great program for organizing, converting, creating, archiving and applying one's filters.

Paintshop Pro Users Group


No self-respecting plug-in addict should be without this essential utility! Get it now.

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Once you realize that most plugin-compatible programs also load all the external modules when they start up and thus require all that much more time, you could remove individual folders or plugins ... However, this takes a lot of time and really isn't a convenient solution. All this can be handled much more elegantly and quickly by the freeware program Plugin Commander Light.



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