Plugins for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, PSP & others



Features of the Plugin Commander - Pro Edition


Organize your Plugins and other Add-ons
  • Enable or disable plugins and add-ons to make only those you really need show up in your application
  • Support for over 30 different plugin and file types plus the ability to define new plugin types
  • Get an overview of plugins and other add-ons located in different sub folders in Plugin View
  • Change the category of Photoshop-compatible, Premiere and After Effects plugins to make them display in the sub menu you want
  • Simulation of Photoshop's Filter menu
Preview Plugins and Images
  • Instant preview calculation of Photoshop-compatible plugins
  • View Paint Shop Pro Tubes, Frames, Masks, Textures, Patterns and Images.
  • View different image files e.g. JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, PNG, PCX
  • Different preview options: adjustable preview window, thumbnail browser, picture editor, Filter Factory editor
    Apply Photoshop-compatible plugins directly to images within Plugin Commander to create image effects

Edit your Images in the Picture Editor
  • Open and save different image formats
  • Acquire images from TWAIN-compatible scanners
  • Apply over 15 standard filters
  • Apply Photoshop-compatible plugins
  • Convert to various color modes (2, 16, 256 & 16 million colors, greyscaled, dithered)
  • Print your images

Batch Process Images

  • Convert between different image formats
  • Create thumbnail of images and Filter Factory plugins
  • Over 20 special filters can be applied during the conversion process
  • Filter Factory plugins can be applied during the conversion process
  • Batch resize your images
  • Instant JPG-Quality and Effect Preview

Convert between different Filter Factory Plugin Formats

  • Photoshop to Premiere and vice versa
  • Macintosh to Windows and vice versa
  • Old to new Filter Factory plugin version and vice versa
  • Create Filter Factory plugins with a larger preview, that work in different color modes, demo plugins and editor plugins
  • Decompile Filter Factory plugins to source code files

Archive your Filter Factory Plugins

  • Store your Filter Factory plugins inside FFL files with a compression ratio of up to 200:1
  • Search function for finding particular filters within FFL files
  • Convert FFL files back to plugin
Create your own Plugins with the Filter Factory Editor
  • Extended editing capabilities in comparison with the original Filter Factory plugin
  • Many additional features like source code printing, memory spots, randomize function, code snippet database, ff expression database
  • Several cool graphical interfaces to inspire your creativity

File Management

  • Two pane main windows to manage folders and files quickly and easily
  • Easy access to the most recently used folders
  • 9 different file view modes
  • File Operations: copy, move, rename, delete, kill
  • Folder Operations: move, rename, kill, create
  • Start external applications by double clicking files
  • Zip and unzip files

Flexibility & Speed

  • Multithreading for doing different tasks at the same time
  • Accelerated plugin recognition through caching
  • Fast preview of Photoshop-compatible plugins through caching
  • Menu lists for quickly swapping folders, preview images and for starting external applications

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