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ColorWasher 2, a highly effective, well-thought-out Photoshop plugin... The automatic features ... analyze the image and, in one step, impressively remove color casts. ... I found the semi-automatic tools to yield the best results.

Verdict: Inexpensive, easy to use, effective
Rating: 4.5 of 5

Layer Magazine Jan/Feb 2006, Photoshop User Magazine March 2006


... there are several plug-ins that can do the heavy lifting for you ... One of the best is The Plugin Site’s ColorWasher 2.0 ... If you take a lot of photos, or have a project that involves correcting faded or color-shifted photos, ColorWasher 2.0 will quickly pay for itself. Its Easy Mode provides instant results for inexperienced users and its Advanced Mode provides plenty of power for professionals.

Pros: Easy Mode is straightforward and gives excellent results; Advanced Mode provides a wealth of professional color-correction tools.
Cons: None significant.



If you want to remove color casts, you don't get anywhere with the miserable automation of Photoshop & Co. A real comfort is working with the intelligently conceived ColorWasher ... which can almost be regarded as a independent image processing tool ... makes colors shine without blowing them out ... ColorWasher is a high-quality color and contrast optimizer ... exactly the right combination of intelligent algorithms and user control.

Color Cast Correction: Very Good
Exposure Correction: Good
Usability: Very Good

c't Magazin 6/2005

Every photographer ... should have this in their collection. It really makes the long tedious job of correcting underexposed or overexposed photos, a lot easier with just a couple clicks of the mouse. ... It used to take me anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour getting a photo just right, now it takes me about 10-20 seconds ... Basically you get an entire darkroom for a very low cost. Very useful and fun.



ColorWasher, like FocalBlade, is in a class of its own. There’s no other tool (that I’ve seen anyway) that combines the depth of functionality and ease of use for such complex and often harrowing tasks as cast removal and exposure correction in one package. ColorWasher is accurate, malleable and infinitely useful, and so affordable I can’t see any reason why a serious photographer or graphic artist would want to be without it.

GoInside Magazine


... color correcting just became a whole lot easier to do ... was able to obtain great results with it. ... This full featured color correction plug-in is worth every penny. There are other tools that cost much more and many don’t deliver the color improvements ColorWasher does! ... Try this product, it’s a winner!


We played with many images and found very few that could not be improved by this tool. We consider it easily one of our top 5 PS plug-ins. What can we say: Wash your images! Highly Recommended.

Digital Outback Photo


Don't confuse this with cheap imitations. The filter contains revolutionary algorithms and sophisticated methods for achieving the best results from your images


Sometimes images have color casts that need to be corrected. ColorWasher ... allows me to easily adjust the color of images in a fraction of the time it takes using other tools.

ColorWasher bundles several tools ... It is nice to play with the Auto buttons, which do all the work on their own. The rest of the dialog contains sufficient helpers for color correction, which can be optimally used combined.


Here’s the color correction plug-in that you’ve been waiting for. ... ColorWasher makes all of its color magic happen by ... reconstructing lost colors and details in photos.

Graphics IQ


Adobe's Photoshop CS is ... a powerful and useful tool but only when used with a few plug-ins, namely Photowiz Colorwasher and Focalblade. These two plug-ins allow me to bring out the true colour of an image and to sharpen it extremely accurately without too much time and effort. The results are excellent.

Barry Wakelin Photography

Harald Heim of The Plugin Site was not
satisfied with existing image enhancement
tools, so he made his own better ones! ColorWasher ... operates more as an app within an app than a simple filter. Its algorithms help you reconstruct lost colors and details ...

Canvangelist Issue 13


ColorWasher helps especially with badly underexposed photos ...

Computer Arts Projects


... correct[s] ... in a very convenient and automatic way with manual retouch possibility. ... it is better and faster than any built-in function from any photo editor software. ... Color Washer allows you to enhance your digital photos in seconds instead of minutes.

Digital Photo Software Guide

A plugin that would automatically recognize all [photographical] mistakes and turn a snapshot into a professional photo would a dream. Who thinks this isn't possible should install ColorWasher ... The results look like they were already perfectly photographed. ... It is easy to use ... the parameters are easily understandable. ... Rating: Very Good.

PCgo Grafik & Video 2/2004


ColorWasher ... lets you easily convert color shots to black and white, on the other hand BW images can also be colored.

foto Magazin 3/2005


ColorWasher is interesting because of the combination of different correction steps in one plugin... the five Auto buttons already lead to helpful comparisons...

DOCMA 2/06

Many plug-ins have appeared in recent years ... but not one has ever truly given me the feeling of "this is it". ... This changed when I ran into ColorWasher... This plug-in offers good value for your money and is clearly conceived by a someone who is well aware of a photographer's needs, and knows how to offer a solution to these needs by developing really outstanding software. ... can be used ... without having to take up first a study in complicated software . ... Final verdict: It was a real pleasure to test this plug-in. Seeing as its price is so reasonable, I can only say: Highly Recommended!


The plug-in is cleverly designed, with multi-view strips and mostly slider-based operation. ... ColorWasher comes with histogram feature that must be one of the most powerful I’ve ever come across ... the ColorWasher histogram is even more powerful than Photoshop’s. ... ColorWasher is, in my opinion, especially suitable for removing difficult colour casts. Orange casts are a good example. ColorWasher gives you all the power and capabilities you need to get rid of such colour casts. The plug-in is also great to add colour effects...

IT Enquirer


... ColorWasher is worth very cent (an quite inexpensive in comparison). ... you can not process colors, color casts and color moods in images better und faster. ... using it is quite intuitive and the results are convincing.

You can not process exposure, light, shadows and brightness better and with more control...

Simply a great Photoshop plugin for those working with digital photos that require tweaking to bring out their best.

The Newsletter


Inexpensive Universal Photo Corrector ... A simple solution for photo editing...

PC Welt Foto & Video 1/09, "The 10 Best Plug-ins"


ColorWasher is prized especially by enthusiasts for its ability to help the user correct colorcasts. Independent tests by many reviewers were unanimous in praising its ease-ofuse and overall effectiveness. ... It has excellent histograms: 10 types in four styles for expert use. ... very detailed user manual.

John Lewell, The Digital Photographer's Software Guide

My secret weapon for post-correcting shots through acrylic windows is the ColorWasher plug-in. Unlike the finicky Photoshop/Elements white-balance eyedropper tool, ColorWasher allows you to drag a marquis across white and grey areas to find an “average” white, thereby correcting the photo’s colors.

Greg Brown Flying Carpet


The Swiss army knife for JPGs... a must-have for all people who have to deal with camera JPGs from time to time. Simply, conveniently and quickly you can get a grip on all problems caused by wrong white balance and color casts as well as most exposure problems. And the support of the manfacturer is legendary.

Total Rating: 4.75 of 5



An easy solution for editing photos is offered by the PhotoWiz plugin ColorWasher... the functionality is remarkable considering the low price. & MacWelt 5/2008

Rating: 4.5 of 5

... a feature-rich and user-friendly application that can be used for both novices and professional photographers ... It's wrapped in a well-structured and approachable layout ... a comprehensive and intuitive utility, packed with individual tools and designed for those who want to adjust general and advanced photo properties ... as well as correct imperfections and improve the overall quality.



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