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The two photos on the left were combined with the Multi-Expose option of LayerXXL's Auto-Expose feature producing an exceptional composition. (Photos: ffotograff65 / pixmac, elwynn / pixmac)



The clouds from the bottom left image were blended with the top left image using the Blend If settings in the bottom right screenshot. The top right image shows the result. Manually masking all of the fine branches would have taken 1-2 hours whereas LayersXXL's Blend If feature made it possible in less than a minute. (Photos: Harald Heim)



The top left image is a 100% detail of a photo taken at ISO 6400. For the other images the Denoise option of LayersXXL's Auto-Expose feature was used on three (top right) and five (bottom left) taken at ISO 6400 with a tripod. The bottom right image shows the result of processing bottom left image with our NoiseControl plugin. As you can see the noise was reduced quite a lot and the details got much more visible. Using three photos looks already looks like an ISO 3200 shot, but five photos are even better and are close to ISO 1600. Denoising with NoiseControl removed the remaining color noise and fine grain noise and gives the impression of a noise free ISO 800 photo.


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