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NEW: Version 2.05 with support for Photoshop (Elements) 2024


LayerShop (previosuly called LayersXXL) offers up to 300 photo and design features for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for Windows. These features are available as new menu items, icons and dialogs, so they seamlessly integrate into the user interface of Photoshop (Elements). LayerShop upgrades Photoshop Elements with features of Photoshop and bridges the gap between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop. LayerShop also adds many new features to Photoshop. LayerShop works with Photoshop Elements 11 and higher as wells Photoshop CS3, CC and higher.


  • NEW: Up to 200 features for Photoshop for Windows
  • NEW: Up to 300 features for Photoshop Elements for Windows
  • Open/Save Layers:
    • Opens multiple files and automatically places them as layers
    • Automatically creates exposure variations from a single raw file and places them as layers
    • NEW: The Place Documents as Layers feature puts all open images as layers into one document
    • Saves layers as separate files
  • Layer Processing:
    • Auto-Align feature for perfectly aligning photos of the same scene or as a panorama
    • Auto-Blend feature for creating panoramas or increasing the depth of field
    • Auto-Expose feature for denoising high ISO shots, creating multiple exposure effects, improving light trail shots as well as applying other blending effects
    • HDR-Combine feature for creating a high dynamic range image from multiple images or even a single photo
    • NEW: Moving Object Removal removes distracting objects like tourists or cars from multiple shots of a scene
    • NEW: SuperResolution increases (or decreases) the image size effectively by using multiple photos of the same scene
    • NEW: Fix Underexposure uses multiple underexposed photos to produce a correctly exposed image while avoiding noise and enhancing image details.
    • NEW: Denoise Layers removes noise by combining multiple photos.
    • NEW: 12 stack modes which work with multiple layers
    • NEW: Fade Pro & Blend Pro blend the previous history step or two layers with 36 new blend modes, opacity values up to 200% and many new controls
    • Remove Transparency feature for automatically removing transparent areas from stacked images or panorama layers
    • Action-like task items for automatically performing seven common tasks: Denoising, Depth of Field Increase, HDR, Light Trail, Manual Composition, Multiple Exposure and Panorama.
    • NEW: Features & Tasks panel for running various features and tasks by clicking buttons
  • Layer Comps:
    • Panel for creating layer compositions, editing them and quickly switching between them
    • Save Layer Comps to Files feature for automatically saving each layer composition to a separate file
  • Layer Styles:
    • 5 new layer effects
    • 15 new blending options including an Blend If feature for advanced masking
    • 90 new layer style settings including patterns, gradients and contours
    • Gradient editor for managing, editing and creating your own gradient style effects
    • Ability to load, edit and save .asl style files

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