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The CameraXXL controls can be seen within the red frames on the Camera Raw dialog in Photoshop Elements. This is how they look in Camera Raw 12.3 and higher.


The CameraXXL controls in Camera Raw 12.2.1 and lower.



The Tone Curve sheet
of CameraXXL lets you adjust a tone curve with four sliders
as well as manually set control points for the RGB, R, G and B channels.



The HSL / Grayscale sheet offers sliders for adjusting the hue, saturation and luminance of 8 different color areas. Alternatively you can also create a black & white verson of the image and selectively brighten or darken certain image areas



The Split Toning sheet allows colorizing highlights and shadows with different colors thus creating a split or duo tone look.



The Lens Correction sheet contains controls for correcting lens distortions. You can do that automatically via a lens profile or manually remove distortions, fringes and vignetting. There is also a Geometry tab sheet for auto and manual perspective corrections.



The Effects sheet lets you smooth skin or enhance textures, (de)haze the image, add grain and an artistic vignette effect.



On the Camera Calibration sheet seven new sliders are added by CameraXXL. They let you adjust the hue and saturation of the red, green and blue channel as well as tint the shadows magenta or green.



The Presets sheet lets you save and apply presets of your favorite Camera Raw and CameraXXL settings.



CameraXXL's Save button displays the Save Options dialog for saving images directly from within Camera Raw.


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