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Jeff G

Plugin Galaxy/Fusion Chrome Question

Post by Jeff G »

Received Plugin Galaxy and Hypertyle a few weeks ago and I have used them many times with great results! - Thanks!

I do have a question re: Fusion and the Chrome choice. My image is two words that were originally scanned off a letterhead. The image is now a PSD in RGB mode/8 bits. The background is transparent. The scanned layer is black. I want to make the black words look like they were formed out chrome. Fusion does not give me any where near that results. What am I missing?

Thanks - Jeff G

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Post by HaraldHeim »

For the Fusion plugin to work the letters need to have a textured surface. See ... TexEff.htm

Another possibility is to apply a Gaussian Blur before applying Fusion. But if the letters are placed on a transparent layer, the Gaussian Blur will also blur the transparency channel which isn't what we want. So you have to merge down the layer with the letter to have a solid background color before applying Gaussian Blur and Fusion.

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