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Lightroom Bug causing problems for ElementsXXL

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:06 pm
by HaraldHeim
Unfortunately there is a bug in Lightroom 6.3 up to 6.7, which blocks the update of externally edited images. This is the case for ElementsXXL's "Render 16-bit to Lightroom" feature, but also for any other external editor.

When editing a Lightroom image with an external application (via the "Photo > Edit In > ..." menu item or "Edit In > ..." context menu item) and saving the image in the external application, the image window in Lightroom updates. But when editing the same Lightroom image a second time (or sometimes a third or fourth time or after deleting an image copy) the image does not update in the main window of Lightroom anymore (but occasionally in the thumbnail bar and the preview window). You then have to restart Lightroom to see the change in the main image window.

We recommend that you downgrade to Lightroom 6.2 if you need to externally edit an image in Lightroom twice or with at least two different external editors. But please check if Lightroom 6.2 already supports the raw files of your camera before you do that.

Hopefully this major bug will be fixed in Lightroom 6.8.