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Tinting fade colour photographs

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:19 am
by DDR
In some cases, we need to make a tinted fade color photograph. Not the BW tinted photographs, wherein all colours are completely vanished before we colour it into a basic tone (sepia, platinum, silver, etc.). But initially full-colour photographs which we made to be fade colour with a preset (preset in any editor, ColourStyler included) then coloured into sepia, cyanotype, etc...

This makes a problem with the current editors. The core of the problem is that the current colour editors, including ColourStyler, do not include such a function. While the BW editors wanish all colour before to tint the photographs.

A little help is made with PS actions. But the solely engine I know is Seim Platinum/Palladium action. (I purchased it for $50 two years ago, and use until now.) But this Seim action is limited by the platinum/palladium tinting, and does not provide such popular tinting option ad daguerreotype, bromoil, silver, etc.

My question is a follows. Is possible to add the "colour tone" engine currently containing in BW Styler to ColourStyler? And if yes, will the engine merely add the tone over the colour photograph (as desired)? Or the noting engine being added to Colour Styler would vanish all the basic colours (that would make all my suggestion to be nonsense)?

Re: Tinting fade colour photographs

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:15 pm
by HaraldHeim
I am not quite sure what kind of effect you want to achieve. Can you show me one or more image examples?`

BWStyler 2 will soon be released and include most features of ColorStyler plus some other B&W related ones.

Re: Tinting fade colour photographs

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:18 pm
by DDR
HaraldHeim wrote:BWStyler 2 will soon be released...
Good news for all the users!

Concerning the problem I pointed out it is as in the sample:
Right image is a fade colour source photograph (made from a full colour image with ColourStyler). Then I tint it with platinum with an PS action so that the colour remains in the image while the platinum note suppress all them. So, the true colours still remains in the image but in fade mode. If I would try to tint a colour photograph with BW Styler, it would first make it to be black-and-white so that the output image would not contain colours as in my sample.

Using ColourWasher does not help in this deal because the imitation of photographic tint tones is quite complicate, I say almost impossible to a regular user.

In fact, if there exist some filters tinting full colour images into the photographic tones so that the initially colours NOT be completely vanished (as in BW Styler) but only suppressed, it would be good at all. I think many people tried to tint full colour photographs into bromoil, gaduerreotype, lead, silver, etc. so that the initially colours not completely vanished.

On the other had, I do not ask for something. I only place all of the current problems and ideas on desk of the Forum. I am only curious about this problem. To me, I resolved this problem with Platinum/Palladium PS Action two years ago. But it tones images into platinum and palladium only. If such add-on is impossible to ColourStyler, but you know the respective actions/plugins for bromoil, daguerreotype, cyanotype, and silver, I would very thank for advise.

Re: Tinting fade colour photographs

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:43 pm
by HaraldHeim
BWStyler 1 already offers mask features for bringing back color. For example, in Expert Mode on the Mask Tab sheet you can use the Color Mask, Brightness Mask or Saturation Mask effect. BWStyler 2 will include a new Colorkey effect and a brush tool, which offer even more control for bringing back colors. But I am not sure if the effect you are looking for can be produced with these option in BWStyler.