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Importing a text file for batch processing

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2003 4:46 am
by mattinseattle
Hi All!

I have been trying to do some batch processing. It works great. But I need help in importing text into the batch capture window.
I want to review a tape on a seperate monitor away from my computer and type down all the in/out points,file names and comments then import them all at once from a text file.

If I manually type/cut and paste, all the info into the clip capture parameter window, then export them they will work fine and I can save and re-use them anytime. But premiere will only open a text file that was made through premeire. And if I open the Premiere text file document and make changes outside of premiere it wont recognize the file as a batch capture text file and therefore I can't import the text file. Weird HUH?javascript:emoticon(':roll:') Any Comments about this?