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by HaraldHeim
Forum: Photoshop-compatible Plugins
Topic: paint brush borders
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There are different products available for creating edges and frames (including painted ones). Of course you can also try to create them yourself. There is our <a href=>Edge & Frame Galaxy product</a> as well as PhotoGraphic Edges from Auto FX or PhotoFrame fr...
by HaraldHeim
Forum: Other Plugins
Topic: HELP!!!
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Sounds as if ActiveX or Javascripts are deactivated in your Internet Explorer. Please try to adjust the Security options in the Internet Options dialog.
by HaraldHeim
Forum: Premiere, After Effects and Digital Video
Topic: Reversing footage in Premiere 6.0?
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I remember that there was an option in Premiere 4 and 5 which allowed to created reversed running clips. You just had to set the speed to -100%. This option must be somewhere in Premiere 6, too.
by HaraldHeim
Forum: Other Products
Topic: Is HTML Shrinker working correctly at mixed HTML/ASP-Files?
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HTML Shrinker Pro works with ASP file. It doesn't matter what other script or HTML code is contained in the ASP files.
by HaraldHeim
Forum: Photoshop-compatible Plugins
Topic: Flaming Pear Flood plug-in
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Sounds like a serious problem. Maybe one of the settings causes this problems. Did you try to reset everything to the default value? But maybe the problem is with the registration code. You could try to find the Flood key in the registry and delete it. Then you should be able to enter the registrati...