When FocalBlade and LightMachine translated in French?

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boulanger pascal
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When FocalBlade and LightMachine translated in French?

Postby boulanger pascal » Sat Nov 18, 2006 11:15 pm

I would like to know if FocalBlade and LightMachine will be translated in French; so yes: when. Even question for the instructions. In addition, I do not see the function “cancellation of the preceding action” in this software. Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Postby HaraldHeim » Mon Nov 20, 2006 12:02 am

There are no fixed plans for translating FB and LM to French. But Maybe it will be done next year.

Do you mean Undo? There is an Undo button in FocalBlade and an Undo menu item on the arrow button menu in LightMachine.

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