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colorwash download

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2003 6:49 am
by Jim
Hi I am interested in the down load, Just wanted to know if after you purchase, would you be able to come back and redown load in future? (unlimited) or would you recomend cd
Say if you crashed and needed to reload programs or new drive etc.

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2003 10:43 am
by HaraldHeim
If you orderd one of our products, you will be able to download them as often as you need it. The download locations change from time to time, but you just need to drop us an note with your order details to get the latest.

If you can save the Download Version on a CD-ROM or other media that can hold 5 MB of data, you don't need the CD Version of ColorWasher. Unless you want the nice ColorWasher CD cover or our other demo and freeware software on CD...

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2003 3:37 pm
by Jim
Thanks Harald:
One more question, If I buy the CD will I be able to download off the site immidiatly while i wait for CD?
In the order instructions it seems to refer to it
US $59.95 (including postage for all over the world)
Purchase ColorWasher for Windows (delivered on CD) using the Element 5 secure server. Soon after the purchase you will get an email with downloading instructions. Additionally the Plugin Galaxy CD will be sent to you.
Where does it come from PA. or Germany?

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2003 3:45 pm
by HaraldHeim

If you order the CD Version you will get the download instructions as soon as your order was processed. So you won't have to wait until the CD arrives.

Sorry, about the mistake on the order page. Of course it should be "ColorWasher CD" and not "PluginGalaxy CD". I fixed it.

The CD will be shipped from Germany. It usually takes 10 days to ship to the US, but we also had several cases in which it only took 7 days and one case in which it only took 4 days.

Harald Heim

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2003 4:15 pm
by Jim
Harald Thank you, for your quick responce! My order is in.
I wanted to let you know that I tried the Demo and it is great!
Without hesitation it is well worth the purchase price. I process alot of photos as a motorsport phototographer and I can not predict my camera settings all the time, lighting, different angles, car colors, etc. you would miss the action.
I know how to fix these in Photoshop but it is a matter of time invested which translates to $$.
I have tried other plug ins this is simple and works to my satisfaction.
This will save me alot of time, which will help me serve my customer faster.
Thanks , Jim

colorwasher download not working!!

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2003 7:07 am
by inside
I just purchased both the color washer and focal blade. I ordered the hard copy CD's. I have repeatedly tried to get your download to work but it continues to fail. I keep getting the message that it causes an error and will be shut down by windows. Whats the deal? I'd really like to use the program now!!! I have several hundred images and after trying out the program at a friends studio......... I need to use it!! Can you help me out here? I realize that the CD's will arrive but I could sure use the the options right now. Any help you can offer will be appreciated. Possibly send the files to me via email? Thanks! Vickie

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2003 9:19 am
by HaraldHeim
Seems there is something wrong with your Internet Explorer as it crashes when you try to download the files.

I will send you other download links and can also send them by email after you confirmed that your email account supports such large emails.


Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2003 7:25 pm
by inside
Hi Harald,
Just wanted to thank you for the very quick responses! Your help is very much appreciated! Anxious to get the FocalBlade and see if it works as well as the colorwasher! :wink: