Help plz. No jpg in Premiere

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Help plz. No jpg in Premiere

Post by yAz »

Hi everybody.

I got a really urgent question. I used Premiere 6 serveral times now.
Yesterday i had a headcrash on my disk so i had to install Premiere new.

After Installation Premiere trys to install Quicktime, but it says that i cant create the needed directory and exitst the Quicktime Installation.

So here is my problem: When i try to Import a Picture in JPG or GIF Format i see that these Formats are NOT SUPPORTED! Why?

In further Installations of Premiere there was no Problem to edit JPG or Gif Formats.

I really dont know what the matter is now. Is this because Premiere cant install its Quicktime Version?

I hope somebody can help me plz.

Greetings from Germany


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Post by HaraldHeim »

Adobe Premiere uses Quicktime to read JPG and GIF files. So if Quicktime isn't installed on your system, Premiere can't open these files.

Greetings from Germany, too :-)

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