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Plugins not working

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2002 2:42 pm
I have a prob -
I have PSP 7.02 on my old computer - I have now put it on my new computer - but for some reason some of the plugins will not work on it - but worked fine in the same PSP on the old computer

I have tried them in Photoshop and they work fine in there on the new computer - well the one lot have not tried the others - as frankly I do not like photoshop as much - but the main ones that will not work r the 'Toadies'

I thought if they work in Photoshop then maybe just doing a link to them via Preferences in PSP would work - but Nooooooo :cry:
I Love 'Toadies' plugins - Anyone got any ideas ?

Oh! yes! I am using 'XP home' now - but as they work in photoshop - so I do not think that can be the problem...............HELP!!!!

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2002 5:55 pm
by HaraldHeim

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2003 11:20 pm
hi,yes i was having the same problem and couldnt work out why.I came across this forum quite by accident ,found the answer and registered with you.I was missing the msvcrt10.dll file.....downloaded it,put it in my win system and hey presto all my plugins work now.....thank you very much for the help i have found here.

Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 2:13 pm
by kitana
Yeah I had the exact same prob and stumbled across this forum and was fortunate that there was info on this problem.

Anyway I found a direct link to downloading the MSVCRT10.dll file @ ... l?msvcrt10

Just unzip it and put it into your windows system folder as Flump suggested, it worked for me ... thx guys :)

I have same problem

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 8:11 am
by star3
I have same problem. I also saved my msvrt and plugin files to my system 32 - and my plugins still don't work.
help !!
I am intermediate psp 8 user.
I am new at plug ins.


oh, thank you for your time in advance and I want to say thank you for all the fantastic resources at your site too! help :(

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:11 pm
by HaraldHeim
Some FilterFactory plugins also need plugin.dll which can be found in the main folder of most Adobe applications. plugin.dll needs to be placed in the system folder. If you can't find it, please use Plugin Commander to convert these plugins. See the tutorial URL that I posted above.

I just now saw this reply

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 11:31 pm
by star3
Dear Harald,

thank you for your response! I got my plugins to work!
now I have to learn how to use them! lol
thank you! guess next time, I'll have to post my work!
thanks and have great day! :D

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 6:56 am
by Chris
Hi Harold, I have just found your site and am very glad that I did. My problem is this. I'm having trouble getting my plugins working as well! I have checked my system 32 for both Msvcrt10.dll and plugin.dll and both are there. I'm stumped and don't know what to do next!! :-? Hope you can set me right....I get soooo frustrated, as it's stopping me every time I want to do a tutorial that needs plugins.

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 11:39 am
by HaraldHeim
You try copying the mentioned dlls to one of the following folders:

1. Windows\System32
2. Windows\System
3. The folder in which the plugin is located
4. The main folder of your graphics application

If none of this helps, I have no further idea.