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Split Animated GIFs

Post by Lesam »

I am the coordinator of a small group of seniors who have taught themselves to make animations using Photoshop and Image Ready.
I realise this is probably not a PS / IR problem , rather a computer problem, but I am hoping someone may have struck the problem and may be able to give some clue about it.
One of our members has the problem that her animations, other than very small size animations, split up.
An example of the behaviour is , a figure " running" across the screen has the head moving faster or slower than the body, thus splitting the animation .
The aberration appears on her computer when the gif is inserted into an email or onto a webpage. The aberration is not apparent when they are run in Image Ready nor to recipients of the email or viewers of the GIF on a website.
You may care, for interest, to view the work of the group at http://users.tpg.com.au/ask21435/KA5/KA5.htm
the member whose computer has the problem is Biddy, It is a pity she can't view her work as the rest of us see it.
Any thoughts or comments appreciated
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Post by plugsnpixels »

I took a look and got it to display in Safari (Mac), even via dialup.

I separated out the 27 frames of the GIF using Canvas X and here's what it looks like.

It seems the background is one frame while transparent GIF pieces move across it. This keeps file size down, but I wonder if the moving piece is getting hacked up somehow.
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Post by HaraldHeim »

Eigther her computer is very very old and slow or she may have a lot of viruses on her computer that make it slow. It could also be a normal program that runs in the background and grabs most of the processor time.

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