Question on contest rankings

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Question on contest rankings

Post by trumpman-username »

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to enter
your photo contest for October. On the winner's
page you list the criteria for ranking:
1. The number of points it received from all judges.
2. The number of judges that voted for it.
3. The highest rank it received from one judge (see the values in
I see that the winners were arranged in order of the total
number of points received. But I don't understand points
#2 and #3. Are the numbers in brackets (sic, parenthesis)
the numbers from one judge, or is each one from a separate
judge? Sometimes the numbers in the parenthesis add up less
than the total points, but sometimes they add up to even
more(!) than the total points for that entry. How can that
be? Could you better explain what the numbers in the
parenthesis really mean? Here are a couple of examples
from the previous contest:
A) 44 points (2,3,4,1,1)
B) 20 points (4,4,7,9)
C) 17 points (1,4)
Maybe better explain on website too?

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Post by HaraldHeim »

The numbers in the paranthesis are the ranks that the judges assigned to one image. Fo example (1,4) means that one judge placed the image on Nr. 1 and another placed it on Nr. 4. Two numbers also mean that two judges give it a rating. If an image is placed on Nr. 1 it recives 10 points, on Nr. 2 it gets 9 points and so on. I hope that makes it clear.

It was quite tough to judge the photos, because so many photos were really good. But from the ratings it is clear that a few photos were liked by several judges while most of the photos were prefered by only one judge. So I'm certain that the photos with the widest appeal made it into the Top 16.

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